Creating a restaurant menu can be quite challenging and few restaurants can do the good job that you can see on This is an urban Japanese restaurant which offers the right combination of food items that you would expect.

Most restaurant owners find the job of deciding their menu to be quite overwhelming. This is because among the many dishes you have to decide which one to choose and which ones to leave out. An ideal menu should offer a combination of unique dishes and traditional favorites. The food cost is also to be considered to keep the right profits, and the dishes should be made easier when there is a rush in the restaurant.

Avoid food fads

Low carb menus were the rage during the Atkins diet phase, but just like your favorite Kurt Cobain style flannel shirt, these are food trends and fads that eventually will fade away. Of course, you want your restaurant menu to be exciting and trendy, but you also need to keep classic favorites. For instance, Burger and fries can be considered to be the little black dress of your menu which is a must have. You can dress it up to look trendy like making a California burger with guacamole and pepper jack cheese or plain.

Keep the food cost low

You need to keep the prices affordable for the customers, and each item on the menu should be priced to determine its food cost. You need to calculate the actual amount it takes to make the dish. If you use pricey ingredients, then your menu will also end up being pricey. This doesn’t mean that you should use only cheap ingredients because the quality is also outstanding. This is the reason that you need to maintain a balance of high and low food costs for a reasonable margin of profit.

Dishes should be easy to prepare

If you are a fine dining establishment, then things are different, but usually, your dishes should move fast. The dishes should be easy to prepare, and any items with fussy presentations can bog down the kitchen staff during the rush time at lunch or dinner. Even simple presentations can be made to look fantastic if you have the right creativity and innovative bent of mind.

Items should be versatile

If you use cross utilization of menu items, you will reduce the wastage, and you will be able to use the ingredients in more than one dish. For instance, if you are offering a homemade spinach and artichoke dip, then you should try to include other items which use spinach and artichokes. It is also a good idea to update your menu on a regular basis and remove items which are not selling.

A  menu is the heart and soul of a restaurant business, and hence you should carefully think out the details. Of course, taste is the most important factor, but you also need to consider cost, versatility, popularity, and preparation. When you select menu items, you should ensure that the finished dishes incorporate all these factors.