Owning a restaurant usually comes with great pleasures, but also some anxieties as well. The amount of energy, motivation, and innovation are the essentials for starting a restaurant. However, when things start to “cook up” – you need more than enthusiasm to continue.

One of the first investments that will bless you with rewards of having top quality meals is a cookware. In this article, you’ll get to know which cookware you should have in your restaurant. For some amazing stainless steel cookware by top10rec.com, check out their website.cookware top10rec.com

Frying Pan

Frying pans have been a crucial part of every cookware set, and your restaurant should own it. This item is suitable for almost every type of cooking, including not only frying, but also searing, scrambling, or sauteing. Thanks to the slightly curved side walls, it’s easier to stir the food while cooking. Also, the food is easier to serve – it will just slide out of the pan. Another significant advantage of a frying pan is that there’s no steam in the pot, which is due to the design of the sides.


The wok is a great feature of every cookware set, and not just in restaurants that offer Asian cuisine. There are two types of the wok – the flat bottom and round bottom wok, but they both use the same principle of equal heat distribution. Since the sides of the wok are more curved than the sides of a frying pan, it’s easier to move the food. The ideal type of cooking technique for this kind of cookware is stir frying, which keeps the food crispy.

Saute Pan

For cooking tasty gravies, a restaurant must have a saute pan. This type of cookware has straight sides, but they are placed high which keeps the heat inside of the pan. The food is cooked with even heat distribution, and give the maximum taste and tenderness. Ideal for searing, sauteing, stir frying, poaching, braising, and deglazing, which makes it one of the most used cookware in the restaurant.


cookware top10rec.comBrazier is also known as rondo pot, due to its full round bottom and small sides. Thanks to its design, this type of cookware are ideal for slow, long cooking which will let the juices and flavors to mix. However, Brazier has another side to itself that makes it useful. Together with tapered source pans, it’s used as a hot bath for melting butter, blanching the vegetables, or heating the sauces.

Tapered Source Pan

Another great cookware to add to your set is a tapered source pan. This small pan is designed to keep the heat concentrated in a small place, which allows the cook to control the heat easier. It’s an ideal cookware for long and slow cooking, in particular at the lower temperatures. The primary technique for this type of cookware is stirring, which is more convenient thanks to the high sides.

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