Is your restaurant offering great customer service but there are still some empty tables during dinner time? Well, it’s time you start crafting the best dessert ideas. One trick of adding some excitement to your restaurant menu is by staying on top of the current trends. Here are some tasty dessert ideas for your restaurant menu;

Milk and cookie shot

This is a hot dessert trend in the food industry. It’s a good way of reminding customers how they used to feel when they were kids. You can play around with the cookie recipe by baking a chocolate chip cookie into a shot glass shape and then fill with milk.

Cookie dough

No matter what you make with cookie dough, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. While most people enjoy eating raw cookie dough, you can prepare some cookie dough pops topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie. Other ideas include chocolate chip cookie protein bars, cookie pretzel bites and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Always use egg-free cookie dough before adding a few ingredients to make a recipe with a twist. When your visitors see cookie dough on your menu, they will definitely come back with their friends.

Halloween Cake

When we talk of the Halloween cake dessert, we expect the scariest creations the world has ever seen. One such dessert is the spider cake. This sinister-looking cake is prepared using unsalted butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking soda, sugar, egg yolk, butter milk and vanilla extract. Other ideas include a monkey brain cake, chocolate cake with frog frosting, doughnut monster eyeballs etc. These creepy desserts are not only delicious, but will take the celebrations to the next level. If you don’t want to make them yourself, you can always get the scariest Halloween cake here.

Rolled ice cream

Most of us have probably not heard the Thai ice cream in shops. This dessert idea has become the next big thing in restaurants. The ice plate concept involves a customized blend of ingredients. First, sweet milk ice cream is poured at the base of the plate. The rolls are then placed horizontally together with your favorite ice-cream toppings.


These are yummy sticks of fried dough. There are different ways to make your own. You can use guava, chocolate or any other fruit. Best of all, you can play around with flavors.


One trick of attracting more customers to your restaurant is by adding some excitement in your dessert menu. Don’t just get your customers through the front door; make sure you offer them any of the above desserts if you want them to come back again.